Yes, you read that right… Welcome to the world of Sweet Bitch, a whole different side of the wine industry that us sniff n swirl aficionados almost never acknowledge.  But boy is it there, and to understand it is to understand whats in your glass also.

So what is it 

Sweet Bitch is a line of wine that has one thing in common:  It’s all sweet.  Sweet SWEET wines. Ones you’d recommend to any sweet wine lover. Merlot, Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Grigio, Cabernet, not to mention the usual requisite Moscatos.  Most of it is made in Chile, and it’s sold without a vintage.  Sugar level is almost at dessert wine levels but there is no acid or anything else to balance it out.   While I it somewhat difficult to love, nevertheless, there is a whole segment of people who absolutely love this stuff and would recommend the sweet wine in a heartbeat to their best friends.

Flying off the shelves: sweet loving generation

A lot of stores literally can’t take shipments fast enough.  It seems to have cornered the market for people who would instead be looking for a beer, a cocktail, or maybe a wine cooler.  A generation raised on Coke and Pepsi is finding that dry wines are simply too challenging on the palate and tending instead towards what I call candy in a glass.

I’m sure you could get a whole parade of sommeliers and wine experts lined up to tell you all the things wrong with it but at the end of the day, what really matters is that the person drinking it enjoys it!  And they certainly do… At a recent tasting I ran, I had 3 different types lined up, and people would taste down the line and debate the merits of each type.  I could see their faces lighting up, as they finally had found a wine they could appreciate, enjoy, and felt was accessible.

And maybe that’s the challenge for the rest of us… To come down off our high horses, drink what we like, and appreciate others who do the same. 

Personal preferences is king

For all the reviews, critiques, and hypothesizing that goes on about what wine is best with what food and what company, Sweet Bitch reminds us that what sells is what people drink and that is what is produced.  Period. What is in your glass is almost without exception a product of the taste preferences of the majority of wine drinkers, especially around the $15-$25 price point. Many of these people will enjoy the occasional glass of Sweet Bitch, or something else that you may not, but it is their opinions and buying habits that drive the production style of almost every wine you drink.

So don’t worry too much about what qualitative judgements and what not other people make. As any FirstCrush subscriber would understand, what’s important is you and your preferences.  Find what you love, hone your palate.  And if all else fails, reach for a glass of Sweet Bitch, pour it over ice, mix in a little lemon and seltzer water, and don’t sweat it too much.  It’s just wine.

Brian Aderer